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Home Alert For Elderly

How it works

Personal Senior Monitor allows the person you love to press a single button on the included heart pendant to trigger . When the distress button is triggered on the Heart pendant it activates the main unit which starts calling the 4 programmed numbers you have entered , a siren activates. When 1 of the numbers answerthe siren shuts down a voice message starts playing giving the information that you have recorded.
A typical message would be as follows:

This is a medical emergency. My name is _______ I live at______I need help Please push 0 to monitor the room.

If 0 is not pushed in a short time it moves to the next number in case it has reached an answering machine. When someone answers and 0 is pushed the siren stops and whoever is on the line can monitor the noise in the room. At this point you should let them know what the problem is so they can either come by or call for help. The unit is powered by a wall receptacle and plugs in to a standard phone jack. If there is a power outage it has battery backup so it retains the numbers and still works.

Telephone Numbers (must be 7-11 numbers

You can program any phone numbers that you want to call during an emergency, including long distance calls, cellular phones. Recommended phone numbers include your relatives, neighbor, and friends. Choose people that are likely to be at home. These should be the first 3 numbers. The 4th number should be local police or emergency medical services (EMS) but you should always check with your local authorities to get their OK and let them know that you are making them one of your numbers. You should inform all those people who are programmed in your Dialer so they will know exactly what will happen when they receive your emergency message and what they should do.

Flashing lights

Personal Senior Monitor has the ability to also flash lights when it is activated. This can be done with a lamp module or a screw in module. It is suggested that a lamp in a window facing the street or even better a porch light would be the best. These modules are not included with the unit but can be purchased.. The unit can accept up to 16 modules in any combination of lights, pendants, big red buttons and watch remote.

Whats Included

Included in the Personal Senior Monitor is the main monitoring unit, 1 heart pendant, T phone jack, 6' phone cord, 1 earphone for listening to your message, detailed installation instructions and a 1 year warranty.

Our Guarantee

We have a 30 day money back guarantee and unlimited Internet and phone support.
Our Guarantee is this simple if you don't think that the system will work out for you you can return it.

System requirements

Standard 110v outlet to supply electricity to the monitor.
Standard phone outlet, if the one you want to use is in use you can use the T phone jack adapter supplied with the unit.