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Best No Fee No Contract Elderly Medical Alert System

Q: Is Personal Senior Monitor Elderly Alert a stand alone alert system or or are there any more fees involved?

A: Our Elderly Alert Monitoring System is a personal medical alert with no monthly monitoring fees or setup cost. There is no need to pay up to $50 per month plus activation fees for a monitoring service. All you do is program in up to 4 numbers you wish the the system to call in a medical emergency. The Personal Senior Monitor Elderly Alert system will call each number that is programmed in to the unit until an actual person answers.

Q: Will your Elderly Alert system work anywhere in the US?

A : Yes The Personal Senior Monitor “Elderly alert” system is licensed to work anywhere in the US and Canada.

Q: How far away from the main unit can I get and still acetate v? it

A: The emergency pendant ,will activate the main unit within 100'

Q: What happens if an answering machine answers?

A: When a call is answered Personal Senior Monitor “Elderly Alert” plays the message you have recorded asking that the person answering push 0. If 0 is not pushed the medical alert system proceeds to call the next person on your list.

Q: How hard is this system to install?

A : The Elderly Alert system will take about 10 minutes to install. Locate the main unit in a central location plug the phone into a phone jack, plug the power cord into a 110v outlet, install the battery and you will be ready to activate the remotes and record your message

Q: Is the pendant water-resistant?

A: Yes, the medical pendant is water-resistant not waterproof and can safely be worn in the shower or bath tub.

Q: Do you offer a money-back guarantee for the Personal Senior Monitor medical alert system?

A: We have a 30 day guarantee. If you don't think the system will work for you just let us know and ship it back with everything included with the unit and we will refund your money. See Returns

Q: Does the system have a warranty?

A: The Personal Senior Monitor Elderly Alert comes with a 1 year warranty.

 Q: Will it work with VOIP phone service?

A: Personal Senior Monitor Elderly Alert is compatible with VOIP phones as far as we have seen. We have not done any in-house testing, but many customers have reported success. You need a VOIP router with a regular RJ11 phone jack on it that puts out a normal dial tone.

If you are evaluating different VOIP solutions and want to ensure they will work with our dialers, just ask if you can hook up a regular fax machine. If you cannot use a fax machine with a service, then our dialers probably won't work either