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Easy Installation

Easy Installation of the monitor with emergency pendant

battery compartment
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Step 1
Locate the battery compartment on the main unit and install the 9v battery (Not Included)

Step 2
Plug power into outlet and supplied phone cord into unit and phone jack. If this outlet is in use, use the T jack supplied to split the line.

Step 3
Registering the Pendant Remote with the Console

Set the slide switch on the Console to
Press CALL on the pendant . The console beeps once to confirm that the pendant has been registered.
Return the console slide switch to the
RUN position.

Step 4
Testing the Pendant Remote
Press CALL on the emergency pendant remote. The console is triggered and the alarm sounds.
Press STOP on the emergency pendant remote to cancel the alarm.
Note: If the console has already started dialing out, it will finish dialing the current number before canceling the alarm

new ez install

Storing a Voice Message
Typical Message.....
This is a medical emergency. My name is _______ I live at______I need help Please push 0 to monitor the room
1. Set the console to INSTALL.
2. Press the RECORD button.
The BUSY light turns on.
3. Speak clearly into the microphone (this mic is very sensitive just stand in front of the console and speak normally) . You can record up to 15 seconds of speech. After 15 seconds the BUSY light turns off.
4. Plug the earphone into the jack on the side of the console.
5. Set console to RUN. The console plays back your message through the earphone so you can hear what it sounds like (it sounds better when played back over the phone line).
6. If you want to hear the message again, set console to INSTALL then back to RUN.
Repeat steps 1-3 above to change the message.

Programming the phone numbers
See Phone number information
1. Set the console to
2. Press
PROG button.
3. Enter the first phone number that you want the console to call in the event of a problem
4. Press the
MEM button.
5. Press 1 to store the phone number in memory location 1.
PROG , enter second phone number, press MEM, 2.
PROG, enter third phone number, press MEM, 3.
PROG , enter fourth phone number, press MEM , 4.
Repeat the above process to change a phone number.


Important Note
When the call is answered there is 15 second delay before pushing 0 will shut down the alarm and open the microphone

We suggest that you now perform a test run of the unit. Make sure that one of your first 3 phone numbers has a person there that can answer the phone. Have the unit set to run press the call button on the pendant. When the alarm stops it means that someone has answered the phone and pressed 0. Start talking to them and tell them to call you back in about 1-2 minutes and see if they could hear you clearly. We also suggest that you explain to all the persons that you will be calling what the process is, even better do a test run with each of them except the last number if you have made it the local police or an ambulance service